Meet Tim Barthelemy

CEO and Founder

Tim has been involved in construction and the restoration business for well over 30 years. Born and raised in Minnesota, he began his career working as a general contractor for 12 years. After learning the industry he began working for multiple insurance companies working as a insurance adjuster in many different states. He has lived in California, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolina's during the hurricane seasons. After 14 years working for the insurance company, he decided it was the property and home owners that he wanted to work for. His integrity had taken over and he wanted to make sure the people were being taken care of. He began working as a structural damage assessor during the North Ridge, California Earthquake. He then started working as a public adjuster for both residential and commercial losses. Five years ago he started Independent Public Adjusters, LLC and has continued to grow ever since. When you love your job, your job doesn't seem like work. Tim loves what he does and plans to continue to grow his business for many years to come.

Our goal is for our clients to be paid exactly what they’re owed. Not a penny more, and not a penny less.
— Tim Barthelemy, CEO