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Independent Public Adjusters Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Public Adjuster?

We understand that hiring a Public Adjuster (PA) and filing a claim can be time consuming and confusing. The point of our service is to take away the confusion involving your claim, make sure you are paid exactly what you are owed, and to make your life easier.

What should I look for when hiring a Public Adjuster?

When you are looking for someone to speak on your behalf and take care of your claim, you don't want to pick just anyone. You want to make sure you find a credible company with years of experience, knowledge, a good reputation, and employees that have your best interest. Ask for references for people who have had similar claims to see their outcome.

Is an Insurance Adjuster the same as a Public Adjuster?

No. An insurance adjuster is a hired adjuster by a particular insurance company. A public adjuster does not work for or get paid by the insurance company. They are hired strictly by the homeowner working on their behalf.

Is my property covered?

Our Public Adjusters provide complementary property inspections and consultation, including all coverage issues and questions.  We use your contract (policy) to answer these questions on your behalf.

Will I get dropped by my Insurance Company?

State laws & contract terms (your policy) protect you and clearly define circumstances where your insurance company can “cancel” or “drop” a customer. These reasons include unpaid premiums, material misrepresentation in the insurance application process, the risk to insure your property changed substantially since policy was issued, or fraudulent activities. You can NOT be dropped for a weather related claim or act of God.

Will my rates go up?

With rare exceptions, your rates will not go up for simply making a claim on your insurance.  Our public adjusters can speak more specifically to your situation.

What differentiates IPA from other public adjusters?

IPA is a team. We work together to get the best possible recovery for you. From start to finish we handle your claim thoroughly for you, keeping you up to speed on the status. There is no hand-off method here. We do not subcontract any part of your claim to other firms or companies. Lots of firms will hire estimators but our in house staff handles all the work. Although IPA as a company is only 5 years old, our adjusters and CEO have well over 35 years of experience in the construction, restoration, and insurance industry. Not only are they experienced, but they love what they do. We can ensure that your claim will be handled professionally and in a timely matter while making sure you are paid exactly what you are owed.

What is IPA's fee?

Our fee's can vary depending on the type of property, size, and location. We charge a contingency fee that is based on a per claim basis. We do not get paid until you receive your insurance settlement.

Do you handle claims in states other than MN?

Yes. Since day one we have been traveling for customers all around the US. With the extensive background of our CEO working coast to coast, it has given our firm the flexibility to move around. We are licensed in over 15 states and growing.

What kind of claims do you handle?

Fire, wind, hail, tornado, freeze/water damage, theft, vandalism, and other natural disasters.

Why should an association hire a Public Adjuster?

An association like an apartment community or senior living condominium center is very complex and complicated. There is a lot more involved and a lot more parties involved. From unit owners, management staff, and tenants, it is important to keep everyone in the know. PA's come in to take care of the claim professionally and quickly to make sure that not only the owners and managers are paid properly but also that the tenants are taken care of.